“Cuddles” was an important part of the fabric of our family.

It involved my Dad calling out to us at 6.45 a.m. to clamber into our parents bed, where upon we would cuddle, chat, critique Morning Report and wait for the bar heater to take the chill off the room.

One morning I recall my father offering me a couple of career options: Chef or Stockbroker. Being a highly advanced 7 year old I decided that being a chef would take all the fun out of cooking and chose the latter.

40 years on I still think a professional kitchen looks like way too much hard work, but boy I sure do love to cook.

So in the full knowledge that anyone who eats these days has an Instagram account, a food blog and a hankering to be the next AA Gill, I am joining the fray.

I am going to write about the food I cook, think about and eat, and share those thoughts with you, whomever you so happen to be. Itadakimasu.


NOUN (of food) belonging to the category which is salty or spicy rather than sweet.

ORIGIN Old French.: savoure ‘tasty, fragrant’, based on Latin sapor ‘taste’.